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Yoga is good for everybody.


Including people with diabetes, heart disease, anxiety, high blood pressure, cancer, and many other health and behavioral conditions.  


Stress is known to raise blood pressure and some studies show it also raises glucose levels.

Stress can lead to depression and panic attacks.  Stress is a source of many diseases and negative conditions to the mind, body, and emotions.

We live stressful lives and yoga is a great way to reduce stress.



Yoga on 5th offers:

A variety of classes lead by knowledgeable and attentive instructors, classes seven days a week.  

Yoga classes offered in Yuma, Arizona. 


200 Hour Teacher Training Certification Class (CLICK HERE)


Learn the basics of Yoga in a private setting. Immerse yourself in a style, technique or approach over the course of a day, weekend or recurring series. Workshops are available by appointment only.

Call Tomi at 928-246-7817.

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